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up coming science fiction novel.Thanatos:Path to Immortality.

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hello world. i’m a independent writer/publisher for an online, science fiction/action adventure novel. this is one of my main characters. His name is Eddy aka Rigel. His ability is super speed(and other abilities he gain throughout the series). The book is about a team of super soldiers who are protecting a capital call,Blue Haven City. the book deals with real life experiences(things that adolescence goes through,such as finding their place in life and dealing with peer pressure and so forth.) but it’s set in a fast pace combat,not much drama in the 30th century. the main character, Rick is the grandson of a legendary warrior name Vigor, a former guardian of Blue Haven, the boy is closed minded about life and throughout the series he adjust himself and learn about his family history and accept his destiny. But this is my first blog forgive me if i don’t put much info on here but i hope you guys will like it.thanks

Thanatos:Path to Immortality

Thanatos:Path to Immortality